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Parades / Comparsas (cont.)

This poor guy had to carry the big ball the entire length of the procession. It's a good few miles along the comparsa route to the cemetery and plenty of stops and dancing along the way. He walks just behind the stiltwalkers.

Costumed participants who were marching along with the comparsa

Many people who marched along in the parade wore plastic skull masks or makeup.

Costumed participants carrying a paper-mache coffin around the parade route

The comparsa as it comes down the street

In Oaxaca, the comparsa goes from the cathedral to the gates of the San Miguel cemetery making frequent stops along the way. Small bands march along and play music for people to dance to.

Everyone joins in the dancing and the streets are packed from curb to curb with costumed, partying people!

There is one lengthy stop at the Iglesia de Santo Domingo where people stop to watch a theatrical reenactment of the spirits coming back from the grave. There is also more dancing and several other demonstrations, such as fire spinning.

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing. In lines, in pairs, groups, circles, whatever.
As long as you have a drink in your hand or a mask on your face you're welcome to join in!

This guy had hundreds of tiny bells sewn onto his costume. Whenever he moved he jingled like crazy!
Gotta love the line dancing!

The marching, music, and dancing continues all the way to the cemetery!
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