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The Cemeteries (cont.)

At the San Miguel Cemetery in Oaxaca, there is also a big tapete de arena and ofrenda competition just inside the cemetery walls near the mausoleum. About 40 of the most detailed sand sculptures and altars can be found here.

A large ofrenda, laden with fruit, flowers, and candles.

Inside the cemetery walls is a strange mix of party and peace. People sell cotton candy, play music, set off fireworks, pray, and cry. Outside the cemetery gates, it's all party.
A live band and dancing just outside the cemetery gates
Cotton candy for sale
inside the cemetery

There are carnival rides, kiosks and stalls where people sell food, souvenirs, flowers, game booths and even a mechanical bull!!

When walking through the maze of stalls and games I just couldn't believe that I was walking just a few steps from a cemetery!

Mexican cemeteries during the Day of the Dead festival are fantastic. If you are able to visit Mexico during this time you would be missing out on a lot if you didn't see at least one when it is at it's brightest and most festive. You'll never see anything else like it!


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