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Dia de los Muertos Videos

Video Clip Length Description

A Note on the Videos

These videos were taken with the video feature of my Canon Powershot S50. They are a little dark and the clips are short, but they can give you a taste of what actually goes on during this festival.

Please do not steal the videos or direct link from other web pages. If you would like to link to the videos, please link to this page directly.

All the vidoes were produced using RealNetworks Helix Producer and are watermarked. If you have any problems viewing the videos, please consult the FAQ.

Cemetery 1 21 sec It's a little dark, but here you can really hear the music and fireworks that go on in the cemetery
Cemetery 2 17 sec A panoramic view of the candle-lit cemetery
Dancing 1 18 sec Costumed participants dancing up a storm
Parade 1 20 sec A little dancing and a lot of hollering
Dancing 2 9 sec More dancing
Fire 1 12 sec Fire-spinning at the Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Dancing 3 13 sec Even more dancing. Good costumes.
Procession 1 9 sec A panoramic video of part of the procession
Procession 2 13 sec Jeff gets a little too close to the front of the procession
Procession 3 13 sec The stiltwalkers leading the procession to the cemetery

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